Intelligent Eating, your health is important.

The way Intelligent Eating offers a service depends on your goals, and your reason why.

This is powerful on many levels, but at face value it is most important because it means that you have the best possible chance of success, and this tends to mean taking control of your health. That’s empowering.

You will likely know your reason why you are looking at this page.

Have a read through and get a feel for what resonates with you. However, if you’re not sure, get in touch anyway as sometimes there is a little confusion into how we can help.

This is about giving you a choice, so you can decide which path to take with you health.

Core services.

Intelligent Eating offers no specific programs as such, however can assist with the following conditions:

  1. Reduction of risk of heart disease for life.  (if you are concerned about heart disease affecting you.)
  2. Reversal of some forms of heart disease in potentially only 30 days. (if you have suffered a cardiac event, such as heart attack, stents or otherwise)
  3. Prevention of type 2 diabetes for life. (if you are concerned about type 2 diabetes)
  4. Reversal of type 2 diabetes in 21 days. (if you would like to remove your type 2 symptoms and medications)
  5. Sustainable natural weight management for life. (if you have struggled with weight control and would like help)
  6. Cholesterol reduction for life. (typically we see 30% reduction in bad cholesterol in 30 days)
  7. Maintenance of optimal diet for health. (for those who feel they are fit and healthy, but want to be sure they’re on the right track!)

All of the above are natural methods, without the use of any drug therapy or supplementation*.  *supplementation may be required but only on the advice of a GMC registered health professional combined with recent blood work.

For evidence and data to quantify, qualify and substantiate these claims then please visit this page referencing these studies.

Why Intelligent Eating?

1. Entirely independent.
2. Works for all humans.
3. Adaptable to suit specific health goals.
4. Extremely high success rate.
5. Expert advice.
7. No hidden agenda through sale of ‘product’.
8. Health benefits continue to improve after completion of the programme.
9. Always accessible.
10. Up to date with the latest evidence based nutritional science.
11. Owner is proof of concept.
12. In direct communication with the worlds best and brightest in the field of nutritional science.
13. Qualification from the best school of bionutritional science in the world.
14. Explanation of why we make choices about foods.
15. Recipes tailored for specific health goals.
16. Guides to eating out in restaurants.
17. Straightforward guidelines for choosing packaged foods.
18. Worked directly with the worlds largest health food store.
19. Entirely evidence based solutions.
20. Objective, never subjective advice.
21. Mentoring service available locally through to globally.

22. Supermarket guidance to aid real world implementation.
23. Extensive initial consultation to discover emotional drivers for health goals.
24. Entire programme is educational which creates informed choice for food choices.
25. Full presentations of what has caused the reason for the health goal.
26. Direct access to the leading medical libraries, journals and papers.
27. Significant impressive testimonials from clients.
28. Health goals almost always are achieved ahead of client expectations.
29. Shopping lists are provided.
30. Myths around diets and food are debunked with unbiased evidence of the highest standard.
31. Advice on supplementation.
32. Ability to liaise with your primary care provider where necessary.
33. Fridge and cupboard makeovers available.
34. Home visits (where possible)
35. Education of food marketing systems and methods – empowering.
36. Explanation of drug therapy/pharmaceutical industry.
37. Can be delivered online ‘anonymously’.
38. Packages are available to suit all budgets.
39. Most people after the programme, feel that for the first time they understand the relationship between food and health.

After the programme, people feel that for the first time that they understand the relationship between food and health.

This isn’t about a new diet, a range of supplements, potions, lotions, shakes or any other marketed product which often has little more than profit as its goal.

This is about looking from outside the environment at the very instincts we have as humans, our behaviour, the way food is marketed to us, unlearning certain traditions which have led us astray and really getting to grips with what makes us tick.

It sounds deep, and to an extent it is. However, and this is a massive one – it’s super easy to learn, fast and once you get it, effective.

You will become aware of so much more and be able to actually make your own choices about food depending on your health goals, short, medium, and long term.

That is incredibly empowering.

Benefits of Intelligent Eating, from customers:

1. Natural cholesterol reduction to safe levels
2. Natural weight control
3. Increased lifespan
4. Massively increased quality of life
5. Natural blood pressure reduction to safe levels
6. Removal of reliance on prescription medication
7. Removal of fear of future need for prescription medication
8. Better quality of sleep
9. Consistent energy levels
10. All positive side effects with respect to health
11. Genuine enjoyment of food
12. Saving of money on food
13. Actual understanding of how to eat for health
14. Reversal of breast and prostate cancers

15. Having an ‘empty medicine cabinet’.
16. Correct bowel function (no diarrhoea/constipation).
17. Feeling of being in control of your own health.
18. Freedom from ‘diets’.
19. No pills, shakes, potions, lotions, or meal replacements.
20. Elimination of acne.
21. Reduction of eczema.
22. Prevention of heart disease (increased heart perfusion).
23. Reversal of heart disease. (all medications withdrawn by GP)
24. Prevention of type 2 diabetes.
25. Reversal of type 2 diabetes. (all medications withdrawn by GP)
26. Helps save public services money.
27. No structured exercise required.
28. Improved career prospects.

Other Options

And lastly, there is another option which is called the “do nothing” programme.  It costs nothing and requires absolutely zero effort.

A lot of people tend to do this, the result is that health erodes progressively over time – exactly the opposite of what we seek to achieve!

Whilst the time may not right for you – it’s worth remembering the quote from the late motivational speaker, Jim Rohn – “The time will never be just right”.

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