Praise for Intelligent Eating

Why this gets results – and how!

1. Education about the big picture.
2. Explanation of how diet has such a powerful role in long term health.
3. Simple advice on what makes you tick – understand this and it’s easy.
4. Real world help on implementation, so you win.  :)

This gets results. The behavioural psychology and biology to understand how we make decisions about food choice is the absolute foundation of why we get people to their goals as quickly as possible and our rate of success is almost 100%.

That’s enough about “we”, let the people speak for themselves, scroll down….

On the 16th of December 2013 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, concerned, frightened, I didn’t know what to do. I made a few changes to my diet after reading advice online but after making these changes, my blood sugar remained the same.

By chance, I came across Intelligent Eating on the 19th of December, and after an initial friendly chat, a plan was devised. Adam could sense I was slightly sceptical of his optimism and so he sent me research papers as well as encouraging me to do my own research. What I loved was how he explained to me how to verify a study, or a paper, as in who has reviewed the study, the standard of evidence in the study and most importantly, who funded the study and why! I liked that, it made sense, so I got to work and did some of my own research and implemented Adam’s suggestions.

We chatted, albeit briefly, but very objectively about how things were going and well, on the 28th of December we had a longer conversation as there was a lot to talk about. Firstly, my blood sugar was now to 97mg/dl – which is within the normal range, so the diabetes has gone, and secondly, and this I never dreamed of when Adam said “yea, you may well find you lose a bit of weight too, but let’s address the most serious disease first”, I lost 11 lbs.

Best, by far – is that I now feel great, feel more alert and have tons more energy.

Cheryl Greenlee, 33.

Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cheryl Greenlee

Sir Alan Michael Massey, KCB, CBE.

I am full of admiration and support for what Adam Stevens is achieving through the intelligent eating initiative, particularly within the field of coronary heart disease.

I understand the difficulty facing our futures having myself suffered a cardiac event.

These things can seem to be utterly random, but sometimes there are linkages and connections to other issues that we can maybe foresee and perhaps forestall.

Adam is doing great things in searching out those critical connections with nutrition, so that in future people may become better educated and better informed about health choices that they can make for themselves to stave off serious heart conditions.

This is really important work, and I am delighted to endorse his efforts.

Thank you.

Sir Alan Massey, KCB, CBE.

Firstly, let me applaud what you are doing.

You are certainly on the right track.

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD.


“As a trained emergency nurse I have seen first-hand the effects of today’s diet industry, processed food products and our obsession with instant gratification and microwave mentality are having on our overall health and specifically our cardiac health, all of which as Adam and his company Intelligent Eating are proving totally preventative and reversible.

A proactive attitude to one’s cardiac health is necessary and I am deeply inspired by Adams ground breaking work and teachings. and the research are outstanding, thought provoking and eye opening. The world is ready for a health revolution based on complete ‘transparent truth’ that will overhaul many peoples thinking and ultimately save lives.”

Debbie Huxton B.Nurs (Hons)

“As a fit and healthy FA Qualified Football Coach who still plays/refs/coaches and has studied nutrition etc Adam speaks the most common sense I have ever heard.”

Brian Clancy

Brian Clancy


“Suffering from moderate to severe acne though out my teens and into my early 20s; It’s fair to say it really did affect my quality of life, a lot. The medical profession prescribed me every pill and lotion they could but little changed.. and some of the side effects from the stronger steroids, no way – never again.

So I looked at the work of Intelligent Eating which Adam has put together and gave it a go – my photos are one month apart.  Just sensible plant based nutrition.  I don’t go to my consultant dermatologist now.”

Gemma Galliford , Lightwater, Surrey, UK

“Adam’s knowledge of plant based foods is some of the best I have heard. I have gained an immense knowledge of the benefits of a plant based diet from my conversations and correspondence with him.

He communicates in a well and easily understandable fashion so as not to lose the audience. He is a leader in a world that has been deceived by the food industry.  If you want to change your health and learn what you’ve been doing to your body by eating processed food like substances and eating meat, go to one of his events and get a dose of truth. “Life is only life when you risk all for a great cause.” Shouldn’t your health be that cause?”

Patrick Sisk

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Red Rider Patrick

Lindsey Dye

Look what has happened to me just by implementing the information I was given – the money shot was understanding the psychology of how the food companies were marketing to me.

I’m lighter, happier, buzzing!

Lindsey Dye

Portsmouth, UK.

Like Adam I was born with TGA. I have never really focused on my eating as a contributing factor to my health. I have always been able to eat what I like and still stay healthy(ish). That is until the last few years as I get older and my heart gets worse. Adam has provided a massive amount of support in helping me to think about what I am eating and how it can help me stay healthier and alive longer. I haven’t converted to a completely fresh plant based diet and I’m not sure I can but I do know that Intelligent Eating and Adam have given me the knowledge and tools to make much better choices, and the support to keep making those choices. I commend his hard work and dedication to helping people all across the world.

Iain Girvan

Wellington, New Zealand.

Iain Girvan

Jen Whitehead

Ooosh,  just dietary changes. 6 months.  Picture speaks for itself.

Jen Whitehead

Rushen, UK.

Excellent stories, examples and very interesting for anyone expressing an interest in a healthy lifestyle.



Simona S

As a follower of Dr. Fuhrman’s teachings, Intelligent Eating is congruent with my dietary habits.

Keep up the good work.

Maruša Kozan


Maruša Kozan

A very, very enjoyable evening!

The analysis of behavioural traits and trends; therein lies the crux – absolutely fascinating!!!

Really human delivery that simplified and clarified so many myths about diet.

Lara Ideo


Lara Ideo

Sean Kogutz

So I was curious into what Intelligent Eating was about, had a chat, learned a bit of the science behind it, implemented it and I feel better, my gout has gone, I have more energy, I’m less lethargic, oh and I’m losing weight too which is a real bonus.

Great Job, thank you.

Sean Kogutz

Dothan, Alabama, USA.

As a nurse working in a busy emergency department I attended a seminar because I am interested in keeping myself in optimum health.

I found a lot of the food marketing techniques incredibly powerful when the facts are presented in such a dramatic manner, it is clear to see where so many people who end up in my care have made poor dietary choices.

Victoria Scullion


Victoria Scullion

Nathan J Anderson

As someone enlisting in the United States Marine Corps I need to be in the best physical shape I can be.  I’ve always known diet is a big part of fitness and endurance but seeing some truly empowering statistics will take me to the next level.

Nathan J Anderson, Los Angeles, California.

“Semper Fidelis”

Really very easy to consume information, and I relate to it not only with my own health but for the health of everyone and everything, including our most valuable asset – planet earth.

So, beyond the personal health benefits, the ecological benefits really inspired me to reframe part of my reasoning for change from a wanting to be in shape and happy to a desire to actually make a difference.

By combining health improvements on a personal level through diet and making a change at a global level really using the same methodology is a very well founded concept of which I wholeheartedly support.

Camille Amerigo

Nice, France.

Camille Amerigo

“Very good presentation on the importance of diet for good health. Glad to hear someone finally saying it instead of banging on about smoking all the time! Insightful and very useful.”

Alun Morton Personal Trainer
10th Oct 2013

“A very thought provoking talk. It made everyone think about what they should be eating to stay healthy longer.”

Katrina Warne, UWDC
29th Aug 2013

“Facts only, no fiction, still fun. More of that please.”

Michael Mertens, Mertens IT
10th Aug 2013

“Very informative and I learned a lot, particularly about oils, nuts and seeds”

Keep on trucking!

Charlie Salter, Manchester, UK.

“Powerful, powerful topics that are priceless and will save lives”

Anil, London, UK.

“Adam is right out there showing us all how to live healthier. OBE will be on his mantle within 5 years”

Petrina Baldwin, Contract Temps Inc.

“Adam is much more than just an excellent presenter… Above all else, he is a Thought Leader. He is one of those people who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there to be shot at… he’ll say the stuff that others are thinking, but are reluctant to say.”

Gavin Wadeson, Race Night Supplies

“A very good presentation. It’s something I agree with totally & am also very aware of. My chosen diet involves cutting out any sort of processed or pre-prepared food as far a possible because of the amount of hidden sugars & salt which is quite shocking. So well done for raising awareness.”

Christine Smith, Guidlford, UK.

“Fantastic presentation – really engaging speaker and made everyone stop and think not about what we do but about why we do it. Truly excellent.”

Andrew Sibbick, Wimborne, UK.

“A fabulous thought provoking talk. It takes time to stop and think exactly what we are eating and sadly most of us rely on convenience foods because of our hectic lifestyle. A real eye opener – thanks Adam”

Sanchia Gallifent, Aldershot, UK.

“A GREAT talk, Adam . I believe that people need to be educated about this subject. I really enjoyed it… Thanks”

Helena Garzon, Southampton, UK.

“Adam wowed us all with a thought provoking presentation on sex, food and motivation. He is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject and I for one have been giving his message careful thought over the day which says a lot for it’s relevance and delivery.”

Gavin Meikle, Portsmouth, UK.

“You cannot help liking Adam. He is so helpful and knowledgeable especially with his expertise in the field of preventative nutrition!. Charming with a wicked sense of humour, he makes getting results superbly easy!!!”

Maureen Johnson, Sevenoaks, UK.

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