Evidence to substantiate the claims made on this website

Health claims are often deemed as dubious, and with a marketplace full of ‘quick fix’ pills, potions, shakes, supplements, and other such nonsense, it is crucial to provide evidence at the highest possible standard to back up such claims.

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Evidence to back up core services

1. Reduction of risk of heart disease for life.  (if you are concerned about heart disease affecting you.)


Reduction of risk heart disease has been well established through dietary intervention for many decades now and the evidence is now at a point where it’s essentially irrefutable.

Published studies include, but are far from limited to:

  1. http://www.mdedge.com/jfponline/article/83345/cardiology/way-reverse-cad – The Journal of Family Practce. 2014 July;63(7):356-364,364a,364b.  Note, Table 2, on page 11 of the full paper below shows the powerful evidence of nutritional therapy of the 177 adherent patients in this study group.