The People Behind Intelligent Eating…

Adam Stevens, Founder.

I do what I do because I dedicate my life to helping others take charge of their health.

I take people from thinking that they can’t, to thinking it’s easy. And I love it.

With a life long interest in the role diet plays in influencing our long term health, I have studied nutrition, psychology and the marketing of food extensively but in a way that is free from bias, and that really is quite unique in todays world.

I don’t want to tell you what to eat, there’s enough people out there doing that already to be honest and everyone is confused beyond belief because of all the conflicting advice.

My intention is to educate you with facts so that you can learn and make your own choices. Informed consent if you like – but it makes sense, you’re an adult, so why not understand the facts and make your own choices!

I look forward to speaking to you (genuinely) and sharing what I learned through my extensive work. I’m very proud that I have this come this far. If you’d like to know a bit more about me then feel free!

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I was born in 1979 with the congenital heart condition, TGA (transposition of the great arteries) – I am one of the very few fortunate to have survived the Atrial switch surgery pioneered by Dr William Mustard in Toronto and was operated on in 1981 at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London by the famous interventional cardiac surgeon Mr Lincoln.

For me, the relationship between diet and disease has always been in my focus and I constantly keep myself up to date through reading, seminar attendance and seminar delivery. As someone who had incredible, invasive surgery, I would not recommend it to anyone and am a firm believer that whilst drugs and surgery can be absolutely lifesaving, they are the very last resort.

Preventative nutrition is likely to be the only sensible way forward for our western populations both in terms of health, but also economically and morally. As such, I intend to work tirelessly with those who seek help but also to leave a legacy and pledge to do my best everyday to work towards this such needed species level change.

Everyone, including myself who has implemented this information is a walking testimonial in terms of internal appearance, external appearance, bloodwork and perhaps most importantly of all, mental health – an area which I am incredibly passionate about.

People often ask me how do I get such incredible results?

I’ve put it down to a process, and whilst it will vary between people, the structure typically remains constant.

  1. I explain what the diseases actually are, this alone is empowering.
  2. I explain how diet has such a powerful role in health and how people have damaged their bodies over time in simple language that really gets people engaged.
  3. The big one – I teach the behavioural psychology and biology responsible for decision making processes concerning food. This is about releasing people from all the hype, marketing spin and other noise out there. Without this, people can not make change.
  4. I give people practical information so that can actually implement a solution, rather than just academia.

Feel free to have a look at my Facebook page and get in touch when you’d like to explore your options for putting the locus of control of your health firmly in your hands.

I promise that by the end of every one of my seminars or talks you will have a clear picture of how the foods you eat affect your long term health – I can categorically say this because I have no products to sell, nor am sponsored, endorsed or otherwise funded by any party with a bias.

If we work together, either on a one to one basis or with me and your family, the results are extremely powerful.

Refreshing isn’t it?

I certainly think so in a marketplace full of products that really do very little except make their manufacturers, resellers and shareholders profit.

I look forward to meeting you :-)

About Intelligent Eating…

What is intelligent eating?

Intelligent Eating is as the name implies, eating intelligently. Intelligent eating strips back all bias, money, influence, marketing and propaganda about food.  It provides information about the foods you eat and how they affect your health, particularly your longer term cardiovascular health.

Who is this aimed at?

It’s aimed at people who have a genuine interest in their health.  Genuine is used because there will be a degree of learning required to understand the psychology and biology involved.

What’s the science behind this?

Fortunately it’s immense, peer reviewed, irrefutable, multi national, and current.

What is different about this from all the other dietary change noise out there?

The outcome is, by design intended for long term maximising health, minimising incidence of disease rather than a focus on weight loss or improvement of external appearance as primary objectives.

Some dietary changes target weight loss, or one specific disease – intelligent eating is about providing information so you are best placed to make the right decision for yourself.

What this is not.

  • Telling you what you can and can’t eat.
  • Sale of any product or supplementation.
  • Hidden agenda through funding from an interested party.

What is the intention of intelligent eating?

To achieve long term optimum health through education of dietary media.

Why haven’t I heard of this, if it is true…?

Government, industry, and big pharmaceutical companies to name a few tend to filter the information provided.

Is it here to make money?

No, the primary focus is to educate, however, let’s bring that upfront, this organisation helps people, for the rest of their life. Some services cost money, but the intention is always the same, to educate, not profit.  Over 95% of all money received to date has been reinvested in education, subscription to medical journals, seminar attendance and less than 5% on salaries and marketing.  Perhaps that’s why you’ve never heard of it before! (and you’ve heard of ‘others’).

Typical outcomes

Through understanding of the information given and subsequent implementation, typical outcomes are as follows:

  • Massive change in blood work, especially CRP, cholesterol and fasting glucose.
  • Positive changes in energy levels.
  • Fat loss, where excess fat is present.
  • Reduction in atherosclerotic material present.
  • Less incidence of type 2 diabetes.
  • Less incidence of neoplastic disease.
  • Rapid increase in endothelial function.
  • EMPOWERMENT! Super powerful, this means you end up owning your cardiovascular system!

What would happen if x% were to understand and adopt intelligent changes in diet?

Based on data from the USA, even small changes would result in enormous changes to society.

Intelligent estimations put the percentage of cardiovascular budget that could be saved if the general population adopted this way of life at 75%.

Should this happen in the UK, the NHS would have phenomenal surplus and become the public health service to be idolised.

Cardiovascular disease is estimated to cost the EU economy €195 billion a year.

Beyond cardiovascular disease and cardiology, wider scale impact would be an increase in healthy longevity meaning that people would die old, of old age rather than chronic expensive illnesses.

On a shorter term, employee sick days would decrease significantly and this has already been proven in hundreds of studies in the across the developed world.

Diseases of affluence are affecting more and more people, fortunately you are able to put the locus of control firmly in your hands if you wish to implement the information given.

 If you are interested, please, get in touch.

Elizabeth Bray, The Food.

With over 30 years experience of catering, I will show you how to prepare delicious
healthy food. Through dietary change alone I have seen huge improvements with my arthritis and allergies. (read how I get involved if you haven’t already). – Elizabeth’s case study

Many people really do struggle with all sorts of degenerative chronic illnesses and, for me being able to show you the wonderful foods, and how to prepare them gives me a wonderful feeling know that someones life has been changed for the better.


If you’d like to find out more about Intelligent Eating, you have several options. Feel free to browse the website, particularly the services and case studies pages.

If you are in need of help right now, please complete the health consultation request form ; there’s no cost initially, it simply enables us both to establish if we can help each other.